Changing economic conditions are often felt at the mine mouth long before they appear on the balance sheet or the boardroom table. TheGem Law is responsive to our clients’ needs as they adapt to the cyclical shifts in the global commodities markets. Our innovative solutions assist them to efficiently address these challenges and opportunities.

From startup to divestment or site closure, our mining legal team can provide a complete legal solution, covering everything from day-to-day operational issues to large scale international transactions and arbitrations.

Our commodities lawyers have detailed knowledge of local regulatory environments, key project drivers and the market. We understand how the many components of a project interact with one another. Our mining team takes a holistic approach to project development, which enables us to offer a balanced assessment in the best interests of the project as a whole. We can assist you to identify, analyze, negotiate and document project structures and to maintain efficiency when the project is operational.

TheGem Law is developing innovative solutions to some of the most complex and important issues facing the mining community today. These projects, while not only important in financial terms, are also breaking new legal ground in their treatment of difficult issues such as third party access to infrastructure and state agreements and concessions.

Mining is a truly global industry and we can provide the location-based assistance as well as the experience and skills that clients in this sector require.

We offer mining and minerals support in all of the major mining regions of the world, including emerging markets in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East, as well as the more established markets in Australia, North America and Europe.

Our international reach means we have the local strength and knowledge to advise our clients on specific legal, cultural and political issues wherever they arise.

For those with projects across countries or continents, we can provide a single point of contact to help manage the delivery of legal services to all of your projects and your personnel.